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Annual course in Family Constellations


The course is a self-development, guidance and training course and lasts over 5 weekends. In addition, it will be possible to take certain evenings with different themes, e.g. about trauma, abortion, illness (somatic constellations), abuse, divorce.


The work with family-systemic, somatic- and organizational constellations primarily leads to a deeper understanding of life as a whole. In most cases, this will lead to a change in attitude towards life and the world. A number of illusions can be released, and new, unexpected possibilities appear! The course gives you the opportunity to integrate the insights into your life, both as a private person and as a professional. Whether you now work as a therapist or in a completely different profession is secondary. For everyone, life will show itself in a new and richer way.


The annual course is for those who want:

1. To use the method for own self-development

2. To gain a new (systemic) perspective on life

3. Exploring couple relationships

4. Help to explore relationships at work

5. Client work: individual therapy/coaching The course will have a main focus on family constellations and systemic constellations, with a link to psychosynthesis. There is also the opportunity to explore job and organizational constellations.


The course will alternate between:

1. Carry out own constellations

2. Theory teaching / lecture

3. Self-reflection and guidance

4. Philosophy – Develop deeper awareness of family and/or family of origin

5. How to carry out constellations yourself (introduction)


The focus of all work is to learn through one's own experience (experience-based learning). You get plenty of opportunity to find your own truths/answers, while at the same time developing your intuition. Each module is  a single immersion in Hellinger's principles. The 5 modules together form a whole. If you choose to register for all 5 modules, you will join the CORE GROUP.


"Acknowleding WHAT IS
- what is might change..."

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