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courses and teaching

I teach courses in Systemic work and Learning Circle - Family constellations.
The teaching takes place as week-end courses, annual courses and open evenings.

The work with family-systemic, somatic- and organizational constellations primarily leads to a deeper understanding of life as a whole. In most cases, this will lead to a change in attitude towards life and the world.

A number of illusions can be released, and new, unexpected possibilities appear! The course will give you the opportunity to integrate the insights into your life, both as a private person and as a professional. Whether you work as a therapist or in a completely different profession is secondary.

For everyone, life will manifest itself in a new and richer way.

New courses are set up continuously.

Contact us by email or phone for more information regarding date and price!



9204 5427

“But when that touched you

gave tone when your own pulse gave rhythm to action

when you were one with what vibrated within you

then you were faithful."

- Andre Bjerke

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