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workshop in Milano

Story telling as an antidote to shame and splitting and a way to increased personal and civic pride. Vulnerability as a and superpower and how to learn more about it.


Jørn Matre Liebezeit and Cathrine Moestoe held this workshop in September -23.

Name of the workshop: 3 ways to say no and You don’t have to be a fool to be fooled! We often say yes when we actually mean no, especially when we are young meeting environments who know how to pray on our idealism. Through personal stories we learned how a humanitarian crisis can be used for recruitment into cults using the "Bait & Switch '' tactic, we learned to normalise how hard it can be to say NO in everyday environments and how we can foster more resilience in our local communities by awareness and storytelling. Storytelling is the antidote to shame and will foster pride in our local communities.

Objectives: Using storytelling and self disclosure to foster pride, critical thinking skills and ability to set healthy boundaries

Target audience: Teenagers who are transitioning into adulthood, local communities

Activities: Storytelling, Reflections, creative engagement in workshop (physically and mentally)

The aim of activities in the workshop: Increase critical thinking skills and integrity Increase ability to set healthy boundaries Encourage understanding of environmental pressures and normalising how hard it can be to say no Encourage participants to listen to their own needs and emotions Encourage them to tell their own stories and release shame of not being perfect



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